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Why Flutter

The tech world has been abuzz with talk about flutter the last year, hailing it as the game-changer in cross-platform apps.

Right from the time Google launched Flutter, some of the best companies including the likes of Tencent, Alibaba, Hamilton Music, and Reflectly have developed apps with it and speak volumes about how it has helped their business.

As we speak, the number of apps built with flutter is growing in app stores and flutter is becoming a topic of much excitement.

As a business owner, what does all this mean to you?

Can flutter help you take your business forward?

Should you choose a flutter app development company as your development partner in your mobile app project?

How does flutter fit in better with your business goals?

That is exactly what I am here to tell you in this series of articles. Read on to find out the top 7 ways flutter can help you develop better, faster, more beautiful apps that give you immensely high levels of performance without breaking the bank, making it The Framework you should choose.

Second reason: Write One Code for All Platforms, Save Time and Money

Native applications are the pinnacle of quality and performance in app development. We’re not contesting with that, but native app development requires writing two sets of code from scratch for two different platforms. That is time consuming, tedious and expensive to say the least. It is in fact akin to developing two apps and costs as much too. This is in fact one of the biggest reasons companies thought twice before venturing into mobile apps until cross-platform technology caught up.

Flutter makes cross-platform app development possible without compromising on quality. From design to features and functionality, Flutter makes it possible to achieve the highest quality and near-native experience without having to develop separately for different platforms. This is definitely a game-changer for app owners who needed a cross-platform app but were afraid anything less than native quality will affect their business.

Third reason: Flutter Apps Work Faster

And you know why that’s important, right? Ain’t nobody got time for an app that takes any more than 2 seconds to load up. Flutter lets you develop rich, full-featured apps loaded with functionality at super-speed so you can reel in your users right from the moment they launch, immersing them in the experience you have to offer. It does so thanks to many different technologies built into a flutter. First of all, the makers of flutter worked on developing a fast Renderer that renders at the speed of 60 FPS, aiming for 120 FPS. Also, flutter uses Dart, a new and modern programming language by Google that is compiled ahead of time in native code, giving flutter apps an edge in pa a special layout model called the ‘silver layout model’ that is so fast it can be used for scrolling. All this and more features like custom UI widgets make flutter apps faster and smoother than the competitors.

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