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Biggest WordPress Myths You Must Bury

1-WordPress is (Just) a Blogging Platform

In fact WordPress was born a blogging platform. However, it has evolved and grown into a super-powerful content management system (CMS) over the years, and now powers over 25% of the Internet.

Surely, these websites can’t all be personal diaries/blogs. We most definitely must have different WordPress-based websites out there, especially with all the sweet features the CMS is popular for.

2-WordPress Isn’t Scalable:

Perhaps it’s the idea that WordPress was once a blogging platform that evolved into a CMS, but more often than not, you’ll find a client who’s worried WordPress will crumble under increased load

If your site goes down due to traffic spikes, that has everything to do with your web host, not WordPress,WordPress will support your site regardless of the size or amount of traffic you generate.

3-WordPress is Insecure

Hackers will try to exploit the smallest of vulnerabilities in any software, not just WordPress. Now, WordPress is quite the popular platform, and as such, it attracts attack after attack just because of the popularity, not because it’s prone to security breaches.

So the security of your WordPress site begins with you. You have to keep your WordPress install, themes and plugins updated at all times. Moreover, get in the habit of creating regular and full site backups, should the hackers strike.

4- WordPress Doesn’t Come With Support

WordPress has a great community of developers, designers, translators, bloggers, etc. who have gone to great lengths to build the WordPress Codex. That’s not all, WordPress boasts of a very active support forum frequented by members of the community.

With these resources and a slew of independent service companies, WordPress maintenance service providers, and tons of ready & available freelancers you’ll be shocked how fast it is to get answers to your woes.

5- WordPress is Inadequate for Ecommerce

In the early days of WordPress, it was hard to imagine you could use WordPress to build an ecommerce store.

Not anymore; the WordPress community has seen the influx of countless frameworks and WordPress ecommerce plugins that make building an e-store as easy as pie. Nowadays, you can create a fully functional WordPress-based ecommerce site using plugins such as WooCommerce, WP ecommerce and Easy Digital Downloads among others.

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